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To make digital transformation real within their ranks, companies nowadays must be hyperfast. This is where the automation first mindset steps in, enabling the enterprise to quickly adapt to change and thrive in the business environment.
Register now for #UiPathTogether Sydney – our annual, global Roadshow coming to Australia for the first time – and join us on Tuesday 4 June for a deep-dive on how you can make this happen, and the role of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI in accelerating digital transformation across all aspects of your business.
UiPathLearn how the digital workforce is enabling businesses to scale fast and achieve rapid results
UiPathDiscover how RPA empowers decision makers and enables AI and big data to gain critical knowledge about business performance
UiPathDiscuss how RPA impacts digitization and aligns with the strategic vision of leaders in the region

As technology advances keep moving forward, the opportunity to automate manual processes and use artificial intelligence and machine learning presents organisations with the opportunity to provide better products and services, a superior customer experience and eliminate inefficiencies, which frees up people to work on value added activities and innovation.

Robotic Process Automation

The DWS Group specialist Robotic Process Automation practice utilises some of the industry’s best available tools to replicate tasks that would normally be performed manually by a user. As well as improving accuracy and reducing rework, software robots can be deployed in a tactical way that allows businesses to avoid replacing legacy systems. Manual processes that link the end to end process can be completed using software, freeing up human resources to undertake more value added activities & tasks.

iApply Online Forms Data Capture & Automation

iApply is DWS Group’s very own digital forms capture software, providing access to your business processes anywhere, any-time, on any device. iApply forms can also be made available for off-line data capture that can later be synchronised when connectivity is available.

A key feature of iApply is its ability to create intelligent online “self-service” data forms that can easily deal with the often large amounts of data required to process an online application. Business rules, strict data validation, and user friendly error messages are built directly in to the online forms to ensure users provide sufficient information for the form, and provide only the necessary information to effectively process each unique circumstance.

With superior UX and W3C Accessibility compliance, iApply can be integrated into your digital assets and can be configured to suit a large variety of applications.

Trusted by a wide variety of industries such as airlines, banks, energy, as well as Government, the implementation of iApply has seen the simplification of many complex processes, reduced manual administration and faster turn around times, leading to great customer experience.

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